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Beautiful, bespoke bedroom furniture

Made to measure, designed by professionals with your lifestyle and needs put first.

Inspired Elements installs fitted wardrobes, bedside tables, dressers and dressing tables for your dream bedroom.

Inspired Elements Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Made to Measure

Bedroom furniture is uniquely personal which is why we put an emphasis on the design process and working with you to ensure your needs are fully met.

Not only do your fitted wardrobes need to look and feel right, they need to be highly functional as well. At Inspired Elements we offer some of the most premium finishes available on the market today together with some brilliant storage innovations that together offer exceptional design and usability.

Browse our example rooms, catalogue of finishes and storage innovations then contact us to arrange a free design consultation with our professional designers.

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Complete Bedroom Furniture Design

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes offer excellent ‘value for floorspace’ because they make the most of every inch of space and, with our innovative storage solutions, your new fitted wardrobes will store all of your clothes and more.

Choose between hinged or effotless sliding doors, frameless or framed door panels and a wide range of handles to suit every taste.

We offer a wide range of finishes for your furniture from wood laminates to highly premium polished metals.

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Matching Dressers

Accompany the main wardrobes with matching dressers - as many or as few items as is required and in any shape and size.

Prefer large deep draws? We can design draws to be any width, depth and height.

Dressers can be free standing pieces or fitted in place. Either way, we can design your whole bedroom suite so each piece matches and compliments the other. You may choose to have all one finish or perhaps choose complimentary or contrasting colours.

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Dressing & Bedside Tables

As well as the larger items, we can also design and include dressing tables, bedside tables and ottamans into your overall bedroom design.

In the grand scheme of your project, these additional items cost very little but make a hugely positive impact on the effect of your bedroom design overall..

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Example Bedrooms


Furniture Bought to Life - For Life

Every table, every door, every shelf is designed just for you, your lifestyle and your needs and working with our design team couldn’t be easier.

We will bring your ideas to life and fit your dream furniture right into your home. Book a free design session today.

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We will design your furniture for you completely free of charge. Come and meet with our dedicated designers, for free, and we will make your dreams a reality.