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Fitted wardrobes come in many shapes and sizes - this guide will help you navigate your way through the different design options available to you and your furniture designer.

Choose from hinged or sliding doors, different internal storage layouts and hundreds of premium finishes.

Hopefully this page will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your own bedroom furnishings so when ready, contact us and visit for your free design session with our professional designers.

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There are two main types of wardrobe door available - hinged or sliding. Both types come as framed or frameless doors and are available in a panelled or ‘one piece’ finish.


Hinged doors open outwards into the room. Hinged doors can be full height or broken into sections to suit the internal storage layout. Hinged doors allow you full visibility of your wardrobe’s contents.

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Sliding doors move independtly of each other and can span the entire width of your wardrobe run. Sliding doors take up less space in the room because they do not open out into the room.

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Framed & Frameless

Frameless doors are the height of sophistication and we offer some very premium finishes that are only available with frameless doors. Framed doors have a wider range of finishes available and are less expensive to manufacture.


Framed doors are available with any of the above panel configurations and can be hinged or sliding.

There is a visible frame around the finished surface of the door.

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Frameless doors have a premium finish that goes right to the edge of the door and wraps around giving you a seamless finish.

Only our most premium finishes are available as frameless doors.

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Panelling Options

Large, full-height doors often benefit from being panelled both in terms of strength and design. Fitted wardrobe doors are available in the following panel configurations. Overall height and individual panel heights will depend on the measurements of your wardrobe.

Wide 400

Low 300

Low 400

Low 400 Central

Unequal Five

Unequal Seven

Full Panel

Equal Two

Equal Three

Equal Four

Equal Five

Central 150

Central 300

Central 400

Wide 300


Walk-in Wardrobes

When room allows, walk-in wardrobes are the perfect way to give you amazing amounts of storage space whilst keeping everything looking neat and tidy behind doors.

Sliding doors are perfect for walk-in wardrobes while your belongings live neatly inside.

Inside the wardrobe you can fit it out any which way you like - draws, shelves, several meters of hanging rails, shoe racks, tie racks, perhaps even a wine rack!

We are experienced at designing and fitting walk-in wardrobes, why not come in and meet our design team and together we will design you your dream walk-in wardrobe.

Design consultations are completely free of charge.


Internal Storage Layouts

Everyone stores things in their wardrobes slightly differently. We have a series of pre-designed internal storage layouts that cater for most needs and provide some exciting ideas for storage. Because we manufacture every fitted wardrobe from scratch, we can design and build any kind of internal storage layout you can think of.

So, if you love shoes - why not have a whole wardrobe dedicated entirely to the storage of your beloved footwear?


Storage Innovations

Wardobes should make the most of all the available space and make your life easier. Our storage innovations make it easier to see what you own, easier to find what you need and easier to access it.

We also offer some excellent products which can help make wardrobes more accessible for ythe toung, elderly or those with limited mobility. Your designer will be able to show you different storage ideas in our showroom and design them into your bedroom furniture.

Shoe Rack

A hundred pairs of shoes? No problem with a custom made shoe rack system.

Glass Top Draws

See into the draw without even having to open it, great storage makes finding things easy.

Accessible Hanging

Particularly good for those less mobile, this trouser rack is easily accessible when it pulls out.

Fold Out Mirror

Declutter your room by hiding essentials liks mirrors into the wardrobe units themselves.


Wardrobe Lighting

Lighting really makes a piece and can make living with it so much easier. Strip lights that come on when you open the door, and go off when you close it again, provide instant light so you can see what you’re looking for.

Spot lights can add atmosphere to a room on the outside of the wardrobe or provide functional lighting inside while uplights are a great design feature to add finesse to your wardrobe design.

Spot Lights

Up Lights

Strip Lights

We design lighting into your furniture for you, source the materials, install and test the electricals.

When you meet with your designer here at Inspired Elements, be sure to mention that you would like lighting in your furniture design and we will be very happy to include it.



We offer over seventy premium quality finishes for your bespoke furniture. Your project can be all one finish or a mixture - what ever you prefer.

Our designers can also help you decide and provide advice on the different finishes and their pricing.

A Selection of our Finishes

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And finally, handles. The finishing touch to any piece of furniture. Handles are probably the smallest visible part of your wardrobe design but arguably the most important. They set-off the piece, provide distinction and define style.

We have a wide range of handle choices but we can also design ‘handleless’ furniture with opening grips built into the panels themselves. An equally stylish choice.

A Selection of our Handles

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Acri Black

Acri Steel

Alia Chrome

Alia Matt Chrome

Ama Chrome

Ama Steel

For all customers
on all bespoke furniture.
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