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Beautiful, bespoke kitchens

Made to measure, designed by professionals with your lifestyle and needs put first.

Inspired Elements installs fitted kitchens, units, work surfaces and storage solutions for your dream kitchen.

Inspired Elements bespoke fitted wardrobes

Made to Measure

An Inspired Elements kitchen is the design freedom you've been looking for.  We can build any shape or size to meet your exact needs and to fit into your home, no matter what shape or size it is.

Why settle for second-best standards when you can have the bespoke kitchen you've always dreamed of?

Book a free design consultation with our team today and start designing your kitchen with us.

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Complete Kitchen Design

Design your dream kitchen

Here at Inspired Elements we manufacture every cabinet, every frame, every shape. You are not constrained by standards, pre-built cupboards or 'what everyone else has'.

With the help of our designers, we can fit a kitchen that actually fits your home and your lifestyle.

We also offer a huge range of finishes, unlike any other there are different colours, textures and grains to choose from and you are not limited to just one. Why not consider going two, three or even four tone?

Fitted Hassle Free

Our team will build your kitchen in our workshop then ship it to your home ready for fitting.

All of our pricing includes fitting and VAT so the price we quote is the price you pay for your finished, functional kitchen.

Furniture Bought to Life - For Life

Every table, every door, every shelf is designed just for you, your lifestyle and your needs and working with our design team couldn’t be easier.

We will bring your ideas to life and fit your dream furniture right into your home. Book a free design session today.

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Book Your Free Design
Consultation Today

We will design your furniture for you completely free of charge. Come and meet with our dedicated designers, for free, and we will make your dreams a reality.