Much of the fitted wardrobes that we make are made from 18mm thick particle board which is pressed with melamine resin sheets.  There is a long list of benefits to using this material, it’s flexible, capable and strong.

Particle board is made from chipped wood and resin.  It’s more consistent in form than sawn timbers and is much less prone to warping.  We use high density particle board which is really strong.  It’s always ‘true’ and unlike sawn timbers, is able to be produced in very large flat sheets.  This means that we can cut from these sheets large, custom shapes.  One piece of wood cut to fit is typically better than many pieces of wood assembled together with bracing.

This use of high density particle board makes for strong, flexible furniture design and we only ever use 18mm board which is above and beyond industry standard.

Particle board is also cost effective.  It is mass produced, so you always know what you’re getting, and the economy of scale makes particle board very affordable.  This is partly why we can deliver great quality fitted wardrobes and kitchens at such competitive prices with bespoke, professional design services included.

However, particle board is a touch ugly!  This is why we tend to coat it with premium melamine finishes. These serve two purposes - the first is protection from wear and the second is the aesthetic.

Melamine doesn’t need polishing, treating or varnishing.  It starts life looking fresh and bright and it stays that way for a long time.  You can have the choice of many different types of melamine finishes that look like woods from around the world.  Sourcing authentic Mahogany or Maple could cost thousands of pounds where as melamine gives you the finish you desire in a practical, cost effective way.

Melamine is also marvellous for cleaning - it’s typically wipe clean and spill resistant.  These are just some of the reasons why the combination of particleboard and melamine are truly excellent materials to be working with when offering bespoke furniture design.