If you’ve ever sat down to come up with ideas for something and stared at a piece of paper for 20 minutes chewing your pencil and struggling to just start then this is the article for you.  Designing wardrobes is a big ask, there are lots of things to consider, but our design team are on hand to handle the fine details and ensure everything fits perfectly.  We can also help you be creative but ultimately it’s your ideas and inspiration that will drive the way your bespoke furniture is built.  And that’s how it should be!  Your wardrobes, your kitchen, your office, your living room all your way.


Start with words


It’s easier to talk about what you might want than to actually start drawing out cupboards and draws.  Make a list or a spider diagram of what you want to put in your cupboards. Shoes?  Coats?  Long dresses, short dresses, shirts, ties, hats or maybe even a hidden ironing board or hoover. Wardrobes are for putting things in - stating the obvious!  And the joy of having bespoke, custom wardrobes made is they can be built to store your things. Before we had our bedroom renovated, we had a pine wardrobe with such a short hanging space that my shirts would bunch up at the bottom and the cuffs would get worn and dirty.


When we had our fitted wardrobes designed I was certain I was going to have a proper hanging rail with plenty of height and that’s what we got.  Once you’ve got a good list of all the things you want to store and have easy access to you can start to prioritise.


Day to day use


When you move house you fill up your wardrobes with all of your belongings and then spend the rest of your life emptying the wardrobe again and occasionally ‘reorganising’ it.  Having fitted cupboards made is your opportunity to eradicate ‘sorting days’ from your routine and to claim that precious time back!With a bespoke design you can build it right first time, but, in order for this to work you need to imagine your future days by what you need access to most and in what order.

Those glittery cocktail dresses or your best tailored suit might not come out of the wardrobe on a daily basis whereas your comfy trainers might be used every day.  Understanding the priority of your different belongings is key to planning your wardrobe design and how that fits into your room and your routine.


Ignore everything you’ve been told about how wardrobes ‘ought to be’


Furniture in modern times all looks the same because of the way it is manufactured on a mass scale.  If you’ve ever put together a flat pack wardrobe, you’ll notice the side panels are full of tiny drill holes.  This is often because each piece of wood that comes down a production line just gets the same holes drilled every time regardless of whether they’re needed or not. Changing the factory setup to not drill the holes would be far slower and costly on a mass scale.

When you’re designing your own wardrobes of course, none of that mass manufacture stuff matters.  We’ll cut pieces of wood and other materials to exact and unique specifications with only the right drill holes in the right places.

If you’re looking at an existing wardrobe, the same depth, height and width as every other wardrobes you’ve ever looked at - ignore it.  Your wardrobe can be tiny, huge or anywhere in between.


Now, just draw


Finally, you’ve pulled together what you need to store, how you’re going to use it and overcome the hurdle of conforming to the norm.  Now, all you need to do is start drawing.  Draw once, draw twice, draw fifty times.  Plan every detail or just sketch a rough shape.Once you start, ideas will start to flow.  If there are two or more people interested in the design of your wardrobes, try to design separately to begin with and then bring your developed ideas together to discuss.  

Some customers bring to us perfected, scale drawings and have a very clear view of what they would like us to build for them.  Other customers bring a few rough sketches or sometimes nothing at all.  Any of these options are ok with us - we’re here to help you.  We’re professional furniture designers and we can create some beautiful ideas for your home.